Please remember to read our shipping policy before you check out.


Here are a list of popular questions you may have before placing an order.


When will my items arrive?

Australia Post is currently delivering 10 million parcels per week as a result of the global pandemic. Please allow up to 12 weeks for peak holiday periods (Christmas) and an average (2 weeks extra) for most local deliveries. If you would like to see the cut-off dates for Christmas deliveries please view the list HERE

Why should I pick tracked shipping?
All tracked shipping will come with insurance valued up to the total cost (excluding shipping). This means that any damages to your order can be claimed via postal services. Please bring your damaged goods to your local postal services to initiate a damage report form. Furthermore if your item has not been delivered, we will replace your items and reship it at no extra cost. This however excludes the following circumstances:

  1. The wrong address has been entered during checkout
  2. The item has been delivered to the address provided during checkout, and you've decided to change the address only after it has been sent. (Regardless of what reason it maybe).
  3. You decide not to pay the tax and ask me to reship again. 
  4. You decide not to pick up the parcel and contact me prior to collection.
  5. You decide to redirect the parcel to another address and notify us that the item has not been delivered.

Do you combine shipping?
Yes we offer combined shipping. If multiple orders are placed and they are not yet shipped. We can combine your shipping to lower the cost of shipping. The cost of shipping will be calculated according to weight, and the difference in price will be refunded back to you. However if you are exceed a particular tier weight range, you will only be refunded the difference between the new tier and the multiple orders placed.

I did not receive my order, and I paid for untracked. What do I do?
Unfortunately this is the disadvantage of untracked shipping. We cannot be held  accountable for every parcel that is lost as a result of selecting untracked postage. Like yourself, we do not have the ability to track any untracked parcels when tracking is not purchased. Untracked parcel do not come with insurance or any type of protection, therefore we cannot offer you a refund nor can we resend the items to you again. Please note that you are required to check a box prior to checkout, that states that you have acknowledged the risks of purchasing untracked postage.

My order went missing and I paid for tracked. What do I do? 
If your parcel has gone missing due to any of the following reasons:
1. Incorrect entry of your address during checkout
2. Redirection issues (different address to the one supplied upon zurchase)
3. Intentionally/unintentionally not picking up your parcel
4. Unwillingness to paying for any additional import tax

we will not be replace your order. It is up to the buyer to make sure that all entry are filled out correct. If however, the parcel is lost during transit, we will be glad to replace it for you at no extra cost. 

Do I have to pay for VAT?
Yes, you will have to pay for VAT when you collect the item. Currently we do not charge VAT on any goods sold instore. Therefore you will be required to pay for VAT upon collection. 

Can you declare less than the purchase price during shipment?
If you have ordered over $100AUD via tracked shipping, we cannot declare the goods at a much lower price to avoid VAT.