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Japanes Culture - Who is Mochi?

Japanes Culture - Who is Mochi?

Japanes Culture - Who is Mochi?

Hi Everyone! 

Thank you for visiting this little online handmade sticker shop. Each individual Mochi has been hand drawn by myself. Currently I do not own a ipad/wacom and all designs take twice as long for me to design as I draw them using a mouse. 

My Character is based on the Japanese Culture.

1. What is a Mochi?
2. Where does my character come from?
3. What does my character do?
4. Why did I settle for this character?
5. So why SakuraMochiDesignCo?


What is a Mochi?
To start with, I would like to introduce you to Mochi. Mochi is a japanese dessert (もち) which uses japonica glutinous rice combined with water and sugar to mold it into a round shape (but can be anything). Inside it can be anything from cream, ice-cream, fruits and jelly. It is a traditional Japanese food which can be found in japan and all around the world.


Where does my character come from?
The official term of my character is called: teru teru bōzu (てるてる坊主).

The Character itself is based off a japanese talisman made from white cloth that is hung outside windows in Japan. The character is essentially identical to that of ghost dolls, and hence made very often during Halloween. 


What does my character do?
Those Talisman is suppose to bring good weather and stop or prevent a rainy day.  


Why did I settle for this Character?
First of all, I started this business to share my love of designing. I decided on this because not only did I want to share my love the the character, but also bring luck and joy into other people's lives. Hence I did not just draw any random character as my mascot.

I wanted everyone who purchase my item to know that I'm wishing them well and a great day full of sunshine and happiness.


So Why SakuraMochiDesignCo?
Well first off:
Sakura - Sakura has always been one of my favourite trees of all time.
Mochi - One of my favourite dessert
DesignCo - Maybe if it grows bigger in the future, it won't just be myself that draws