Pre-Order Event

When will the washi tapes be shipped:
All pre-order stock will ship within 4-8 weeks from date of purchase.

Can I mix pre-orders with in-stock goodies?
Yes you definitely can.

Can I place an group order?
Please email/message me for larger orders as shipping cost may be different, it does however work out to be a lot cheaper. 

Will there be a limit on quantity?
No, as this is a pre-order, there will not be a limit in place.

What if I miss the pre-sale?
The pre-sale event will guarantee that you will receive the washi tapes. Once the pre-sale is over, we cannot guarantee stock to be available as we do not manufacture the same designs. 

Will I receive this month's freebie?
Yes, You will receive January 2022  monthly collectable for purchases over $30AUD excluding shipping and after discount.